How to Work with T.C. Hale or One of His Coaches One-On-One

Join Bio-Individuality CoachT.C.Hale for a weight loss or health improvement process like you've never seen before. Make the process of improving your health easier by learning to work with your body instead of against it. You may also choose to work on improving other health concerns. Weight loss is not a requirement.

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What Fits Your Budget?

It is absolutely more affordable to work with one of the coaches that T.C. and his team have trained. And working with his coaches is almost like working with T.C. because he provides input anytime a coach gets stuck on a case. If one of the options below fits your budget, you can set up a free 30-minute consultation. Just understand that whether you choose to work with T.C. or one of his coaches, none of us can provide any type of health advice and we cannot answer any type of health questions on these consultation calls. These calls are just to see if we are a good match to work together. So, if you're not interested in coaching, or the coaching does not fit your budget, please do not set up for a consultation call. Since we can't provide advice to someone who is not already a client, we just end up staring at each other and wasting everyone's time. Check out the costs below.  

Working with T.C.'s Coaches

Around $1100

Depending on how your package is set up, working with one of T.C.'s trained Bio-Individuality Coaches will run between $1100 - $1300 for 12 weeks of coaching.

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Working with T.C. Hale

Around $1800

Depending on how your package is set up, working with T.C. Hale will run between $1800 - $1975 for 12 weeks of coaching.

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Hear from T.C.'s client, Gabe, who lost 235 pounds in 12 months. Not a typo.

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Before You Set Up a Free 30-minute Consultation:

  • Know that this will be an investment. Both financially and in effort. But that’s also the best way to create results. Committing financially is one of the best ways to trick yourself into doing the work. If you’re going to spend the money, you’re not going to just give up the first time you walk past a donut shop. When you’re committed financially, even if you do slip up, you tend to get right back on track when there’s accountability involved.
  • In your free consultation, we CANNOT legally give any type of health advice in a one-on-one setting to anyone who is not legally a client of ours. So just don’t set up a free call and think that we’ll be able to outline everything you need to do to reach your goals. Our consultation will be about hearing where you are now and what type of health issues you might be dealing with. We will then be able to help you figure out if this would be the right approach, or if we might have other programs or information that could be helpful.
  • To work with a good personal trainer in the gym is going to cost you anywhere between $400-$1200 per month. The downside is that working out in the gym isn’t even the best way to lose weight or improve your health.
  • I would say that only about half of our clients sign up to lose weight.  Many sign up for this program to have T.C. or one of his coaches help them correct other health issues.  So don’t view weight loss as a requirement. We can work on whatever you’re hoping to improve. 
  • T.C. or one of his coaches also be holding you accountable with 2 30-minute Zoom calls each month. We’ll check in and make the needed adjustments to nutrition and physiology to see results. This won’t cost you the $400-$1200/month that a personal trainer will cost you for only the work out portion of your program. But it will run between $400-$700USD/month for the first 3 months, depending on how you structure your program, whether you chose to work with T.C. or one his coaches, and what kind of supplements you might need to help speed the process up. So you’ll need to be ready to commit to yourself financially. Keep in mind that once a coach has put together a report, monthly payments cannot be canceled and no refunds will be offered because most of the coaches work is spent in that first month putting all your info together. If you still need help beyond the first 3 months, you’ll be able to continue as long as you need at a much lower rate. Most of the tough work will take place in the first three months.  

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  • We can't legally give advice to anyone who is not a client on these calls.
  • But we can figure out if we're a good match to work together.

Depending on how your package is set up, working with one of T.C.'s trained Bio-Individuality Coaches will run between $1100 - $1300 for 12 weeks of coaching.

Depending on how your package is set up, working with T.C. Hale will run between $1800 - $1975 for 12 weeks of coaching.
UPDATE: T.C. is no longer able to take on new clients so he can carve out time to help his coaches with difficult client cases. Sign up to the left to get a consultation with one of his coaches.

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"While I was getting some spring cleaning done, I was able to get rid of an entire box of medicines I previously used daily. An entire box! Thank you Kick It Naturally team (and support group coaches) for your help with this... Oh, and also for the 70+ pounds I lost this past year! Your advice and support have been truly life changing. Even my dog has lost weight using what I've learned."  

Nissa B.

"Over the last 10 months I’ve gone from a pants size of 44 down to a 34. I lost approximately 80 pounds. Tony gives you that knowledge to do that. What you do with that knowledge is up to you."

Bian P.

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