Looking to Move Past Your Roadblocks on Keto?

We Teach You How to Look at Your Unique Body Chemistry and Figure Out How to Maximize Your Keto Results.  And if You're Just Getting Started With Keto, You'll Be Able to Sidestep Many of the Biggest Mistakes People Make on Keto.

With Thousands of Listeners From More Than 40 Countries...

These guys teach you how to put your health back into your own hands.  No more waiting on the sidelines.

This is a discounted Registration Page for new Keto Challenge participants. You have to be a member of Keto Decoded to participate in the Keto Challenge that starts Feb 4th.  This Discount ends on Feb 4th at 11AM PST.
You'll not only get access to:
Keto Decoded
Fasting Decoded*
Keto Cooking Decoded
The Digestion Course
The 12-Week Kick Your Fat Course (a low-carb approach)
Low-Carb Cooking Decoded (Launching Next Week!)
But you'll also be locked into this low rate and gain access to new courses as we add them...Without your price going up!

*You must graduate from the digestion course and the Keto Decoded course before you will be able to access the Fasting Decoded course.  We don't think you should attempt fasting until you fully understand the proper use of a ketogenic diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other charges?

No.  But the course does point you towards inexpensive tools you can use to test your own chemistry at home, supplements that could be helpful, depending on your chemistry, and other tools that you may choose to purchase from other venders or stores.  But you can complete the course without these things and we will not charge you anything beyond your monthly membership fee.

What if I have Questions?

When you first register for the course, we'll show you how to join our free and private Facebook support goup where you can ask questions if you get stuck on anything.

If I decide this course is not for me, can I get a refund?

Yes.  We have a full 30-day refund policy where you can cancel your account and get a full refund anytime within 30 days of your registration as long as you haven't completed more than 50% of the course.

The Private Facebook Support Group Alone
Will Be Worth the Cost of the Class.

This is a HUGE discount from our normal Platinum member price of $89/first month, and $49/month after that.  You'll be paying only $49/first month, and then $19/month after that.  Cancel anytime.

Almost all of you will take advantage of the special so you can access all of our courses for the price of one.  But if you're only interested in the Keto Decoded course and want to pay one fee, you'll find the option below.

Select Your Membership

  • Platinum Membership
    All Courses On

    $49 /first month
    $19/month after that
    Cancel Anytime
    • Access to all Courses on
    • And all Upcoming Courses on this Site
    • Access to Our Support Group
    • Testing & Imbalances
    • Audio/Video Resources
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    • Sample Meal Plans
    • Ah-Ha Moments
    • ...and much MORE!

  • Lifetime Membership To
    Keto Decoded Only

    • 8 Modules of Training
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    • Advanced Digestion Topics
    • Testing & Imbalances
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    • Access to Our Support Group
    • Sample Meal Plans
    • Ah-Ha Moments
    • ...and much MORE!

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