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Change Your LIfe for the Price of a Stamp!

Why Is This course 50 Cents?
Because I'm awesome, and so are you!
And because this course was designed as a free tool for our book readers, but our new system requires a credit card field on all registrations now.  50 Cents is the lowest amount our system would allow us to charge. :)

Who says you must continue to suffer from your digestive troubles?  We think it's more fun to improve them.
We made this free course for the following people....

  • #1 - Our Book Readers:
    In our books, we teach people how to improve different types of health issues.  In most cases, optimum digestion is crucial. We send our book readers here to learn more for free.  Plus, when you register, you sign up for our free newsletter, and then we get to be friends.
  • #2 - Our Podcast Listeners:
    Our podcasts, Chat the Fat and Kick It Naturally (Found on iTunes and Stitcher), cover a wide variety of health issue each episode.  We send listeners to this course to learn more about digestion, and how to look at their own physiology to better understand how their unique body is operating.
  • #3: You!
    Maybe you found this on the internet, or a friend told you about the course.  Either way, we already covered why you get this course so cheap above... You're awesome!

Your total due during registration is $0.50.  This course has a 30-day money back guarantee.  Yes, that means we will return your entire 50 cents if you are not satisfied.  Not just 38 Cents, the whole 50 cents.   Just register and learn stuff now.

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