12-Week Online Kick Your Fat Course

The Course that Brings the Book, Kick Your Fat in the Nuts to Life!

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Find Success by Working WITH Your Body Instead of Against It!

There is no diet that is right for every person because we all process foods differently.  By looking at your own body chemistry, with simple tools you can find at most health food stores or pharmacies, you can get a better idea of how your body is operating and adjust your diet accordingly.  Creating a diet that is specific to you and your body chmistry.

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  • #1 - Learn About Your Bio-Individuality:
    If you've ever gained weight on a diet that helped your friend lose 20 pounds, there are reasons for that.  This course will help you understand how to look at your body chemistry to figure out what diet is best for YOU.
  • #2 - Learn How to Improve Malfunctions:
    If digestin isn't working correctly, no diet will create the results you're looking for.  If imbalances are restricting the type of foods you can properly process, all of your weight loss attempts could end in frustration. The course will teach you how to improve the thigns that are going wrong, so you can reach your goals.
  • #3: Find Support
    This course comes with a free online support group that can point you in the right direction when you get lost. 

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I'm Ready to Work WITH My Body!