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This is not some little pdf ebook we put together as a freebee.

Kick Your Fat in the Nuts is a full-length book that has been selling nonstop on Amazon for over 5 years.  You're only getting it free because you're an awesome Kick It Naturally subscriber.  If you would prefer to buy a printed copy, just go to Amazon and search for Kick Your Fat in the Nuts.  But you can get a digital copy free here.  Here's what you'll learn:

  • Why no diet will work for everyone
  • How to overcome cravings
  • Improve more than just your waistline
  • Improve digestion issues and increase energy

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"While I was getting some spring cleaning done, I was able to get rid of an entire box of medicines I previously ued daily.  An entire box!  Thank you Kick It Naturally team (and support group coaches) for your help with this... Oh, and also for the 70+ pounds I lost this past year!  Your advice and support have been truly life changing.  Even my dog has lost weight using what I've learned."
-Her own success launched Nissa's health coaching career.

Nissa B.

"I have been using T.C.’s system for almost two years now, both for myself and my clients. I’m a natural health practitioner as well as a personal trainer and it’s been extremely helpful in getting results for my clients.  I used to suffer from chronic low blood pressure, cravings, mood swings and the inability to recover from my workouts.  Once I learned the “magic” of digestion and how to correct imbalances, I’ve seen my blood pressure return to normal, I have better control over my moods and I have more than enough energy to train my clients AND myself!"

Mandy M.

"Over the last 10 months I’ve gone from a pants size of 44 down to a 34.  I lost approximately 80 pounds.  Tony gives you that knowledge to do that.  What you do with that knowledge is up to you."

Brian P.

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